Mar de Especias was founded as a brand in 2013 and we are dedicated to the food sector, specialising in the processing and production of high quality food seasonings.

We firmly believe in the integration of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in today's world, that is why since the creation of the company until today and in the future all our production process has been carried out by different special employment centres, standing out for its Mission, Vision and Values our current Associate: ASPRONA BIERZO Plena Inclusión, an Association that belongs to the Spanish Confederation of Federations and Associations for People with Intellectual Disabilities (Plena Inclusión) and the Castilian and Leonese Federation of Associations for People with Intellectual Disabilities (Plena Inclusión Castilla y León).

Mar de Especias has created a modern and dynamic image with informative labels on the use of each of our products. Our manufacturing department carries out all its tasks under strict quality controls, and microbiological analyses are regularly carried out on the previously selected raw materials in order to ensure our customers the maximum quality of our finished products.

We have three clearly differentiated business lines. On the one hand, we present a range of products aimed at a gourmet public, highly specialised and familiar with this type of products. On the other hand, a more economical line, focused on the general public, who are becoming more and more familiar with this variety of products. Our third line of business is aimed at the Horeca channel.